Robert Murphy, PhD  
Executive Director  


Kelsey Lodge
Director of Administration
Jay Collins     Director of Information Technology  
Nina Kane, MSW  
Data Coordinator  
Arladean Arnson   Executive Assistant to Executive Director  


Kevin Spears     Director of Development  
Kara Pearce   Communications & Development Associate


Bessie Cooke Givens, MPA   Director of Finance  
Priscilla Windley
Accounting Specialist  
Patricia Williams   Grants Accounting Manager
Mary Shephard     Administrative Assistant  
Whitney Stewart   Administrative Accounting Assistant


Jan Paul, JD   Legal Director

Early Intervention / Global Initiatives

Karen O'Donnell, PhD     Director  

Mental Health Services

Kelly Sullivan, PhD   Director of Mental Health Services

CCFH Clinic

Donna Newberne, LPCS   Mental Health Clinic Director  
Lisa Laws Byrd   Director of Clinic Operations  
Cherry Chevy, MD  
Director of Psychiatric Services  
Myra DeMarchena
Clinic Administrator, Bilingual English/Spanish
Jessica Burch, LCSW
Mental Health Clinician
Halley Carmack, LCSW
Mental Health Clinician  
Sara Skinner, LCSW   Mental Health Clinician, Bilingual English/Spanish  
Whitney Winslow, LCSW   Mental Health Clinician, Bilingual English/Spanish
Tiana Sherrod, LPC   Mental Health Clinician / Intake Coordinator

Post Adoption Support Services

Kate Murray, PhD   Co-Director of Post-Adoption Support Services
Julie Hansford, MSW, LCSW     Mental Health Clinician
Felicia Gibson, PhD     Post Adoption & School-Based Mental Health
Katie Linn, MSW, LCSWA     Post Adoption & School-Based Mental Health
Ginelle Hines   Post Adoption Clinician

Prevention - Durham Connects

Paula Wright, RN, BSN, IBCLC     Director of Clinical Services
Lyn Steuart, RN, BSN     Lead Nurse, Nurse Home Visitor
Karen Halpin, RN, BSN, IBCLC     Nurse Home Visitor
Ruby Mendoza, BSN, BA   Nurse Home Visitor, Bilingual English/Spanish
Debbie Overstreet, RN   Nurse Home Visitor, Bilingual English/Spanish  
Margot Stern, RN, BSN   Nurse Home Visitor  
Jenny Jensen   Nurse Home Visitor, Dissemination Specialist
Tamara Sidorov, RN, BSN   Nurse Home Visitor
Gina Rose, RN, BSN, IBCLC   Nurse Home Visitor
Heather Trimarchi     Program Support Worker  
Venessa Baez   Program Support Worker, Bilingual English/Spanish
Karen Pope, BS   Data Analyst  

Prevention - Early Head Start

Anna Pabon   Home Based Coordinator, Bilingual English/Spanish
Sarah Cengel, LCSW   Clinical Supervisor, Mental Health Consultant, Bilingual English/Spanish
Eugenya Rodriguez   Home Visitor, Bilingual English/Spanish
Marisol Rodriguez-Addison 
Home Visitor, Bilingual English/Spanish
Tracy Hamilton   Home Visitor

Prevention - Healthy Families Durham (HFD)

Karen Carmody, PhD     Director of Early Childhood Prevention Programs
Tomeika Watson, LCSW   Program Manager  
Jan Williams, LCSW     Clinical Supervisor  
Cheri Coleman, MSW     Family Support Worker  
Sharon Crews, MA  
Family Support Worker, Bilingual English/Spanish
Cheryl T. Davis-Dukes, MPA   Family Support Worker
Agatha Schutte  
Family Support Worker  
Griffin Sloop, LCSW  
Intake Coordinator / Family Support Worker  
Becky Kyle, MSW   Family Support Worker, Bilingual English/Spanish
LaDonna Brown   Family Support Worker, Bilingual English/Spanish
Luisa Cesar   Family Support Worker, Bilingual English/Spanish

Outreach, Dissemination, and Training

Lisa Amaya-Jackson, MD, MPH     Director of Training; Co-Director of the NC Child Treatment Program
Ernestine Briggs-King, PhD   Director of Research; SPARCS Master Trainer
George Ake III, PhD     Director of Associate Training  
Rachel Albert, MSW
Learning Collaborative Program Manager  
Robert Alvord  
IT Specialist  
Ashley Fiore, LCSW
TF-CBT Clinical Faculty
Dina Gerber   Resource Parent Facilitator / Project Manager  
Beverly Glienke, MA     Training Director
Robin Gurwitch, PhD     Director of the PCIT Program; PCIT Master Trainer
Dana Hagele, MD, MPH  
Co-Director of the NC Child Treatment Program 
Leila Keen, LCSW     TF-CBT Clinical Faculty
Eboni Lanier Jones, LCSW 
SPARCS Master Trainer  
Rachel Maid, LCSW  
Improvement Advisor  
Donna Newberne, LPCS   SPARCS Master Trainer  
Mellicent O'Brien Blythe, LCSW   Implementation Specialist
Heather Pane Seifert, PhD, MPP   Clinical Implementation Specialist
Donna Potter, LCSW  
Lead Clinical Faculty - TF-CBT, CPP
Maria Ruatto, MBA, MPP   Operations Manager, Bilingual English/Spanish
Darden White, MEd, LPC     PCIT Consultation and Training Faculty
Mary Wise, LCSW  
CPP Clinical Faculty, Bilingual English/Spanish
Erika Wray, LCSW  
PCIT Trainer  
Kristy Stout   Program Manager & Improvement Advisor
Allison Broome   Program Coordinator
Angela Tunno, PhD   Medical Instructor
Julia Fout   Project Manager
Katharine Cannon, MEd   Training & Dissemination Specialist
Jeremy Croom, MPA   Training Program Manager
Breanna Williams   Clinical Research Specialist
Katelyn M. Donisch, PhD,    Clinical Associate